Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Think I Might Be Happy

After numerous backgrounds, templates and colors, I think I might be Happy with this one!! Very simple and old fashioned. It shows some images of the artwork I am into and I am happy with the colors. My problem was there were just too many free backgrounds out there and of course I can never make up my mind. Do I want this one, or do I want that one, no.....maybe this one!! LOL So no more looking for awhile....I think I might be happy....doing the happy dance and kicking my heels because I did this all by myself.....I took my artwork off but will add it in later.....just savoring the moment!!!

1 comment:

carlanda brown williamson said...

yes, this is by far the best one yet! i did the exact same thing when i started mine and changed it numerous times. this is very soft and romantic. xoo