Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something for Thought

A few years ago in California I was in a Antique and Collectible store. One day I found the most beautiful old poem book published in 1923 called "The Second Book of Modern Verse" There is a special poem in the book that I just love to read when I had some troubling times and I would love to share it with you.....

                        The Flower of Mending
              When Dragon-fly would fix his wings,
              When Snail would patch his house,
              When moths have marred the overcoat
              Of tender Mr. Mouse,

              The pretty creatures go with haste
              To the sunlit blue-grass hills
              Where the Flower of Mending yields the wax
              And webs to help their ills.

             The hour the coats are waxed and webbed
             They fall into a dream,
             And when they wake the ragged robes
             Are joined without a seam.

            My heart is but a Dragon-fly,
            My heart is but a mouse,
            My heart is but a haughtly snail
            In a little stony house.

          Your hand was honey-comb to heal,
          Your voice a web to bind.
          You were a Mending Flower to me
          To cure my heart and mind.....

I love so many poems in this book but by far this was a special one to me. I hope you like it too....


Kathy said...

pretty Debbie. I am so sorry your heart is heavy, I did ready your email, hope to get back to you tomorrow. Know I am thinking of you and thanking you for your prayers and thoughts for my family.
I love the new look you have here...xo

carlanda brown williamson said...

this is a great poem. please know you are in my prayers. love you.