Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It was so much fun having Jim's Son and Granddaughter and X-wife here yesterday. We only had one evening and one day to all be together but we made the best of it. Those of you that know me, know that I am very close friends with my husband's X-wife, Cecelia. I love her just like family!! It works so well for us and the family. Jim and Cecelia's Son is home on leave from the Army, he is stationed at FT. Hood in Texas. Jim and Cecelia's granddaughter, Dyani is always a delight having her when she can stay with us. Dyani is the daughter of Jim and Cecelia's daughter Lindsey. But when Grandma Cecelia comes to town we always try and get Dyani. We all spent the day together and got to have lunch in one of the family's favorite spots "Millie's Sandwich Shop" one of Ben's favorites. When you are away from home there is nothing better than eating somewhere you use to love to eat in your home town!! We dropped Ben off at his friend Josh's house and ate an ice cream cone on the way home. By the way I baked one of my Apple Pie's for Ben and Dyani and they loved it, there was not a crumb left to be had!!! Times like this we cherish so much!!!

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Marlene said...

Hi Debbie I can really relate to this post- except he x wife part we don't have one of those. But my son Erik is in the Army and I always look forward to him and his family coming home for a visit. This year they will be home for Christimas. I can hardly wait. It's nice to know that you can be be friends wth Jim's x wife it does make it for a good family feel. thanks for sharing